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Photo Segments 1

A multi part blog which explains different photo/video segments which you may want to consider gettin captured or not during the wedding day. This. blog is written for you to consider things you would want captured based on your budget and wedding day timeline

Getting Ready Shots

Getting Ready shots are the segment at the very start of your wedding day. For the bride, this usually starts at the tail end of your make up. Where we capture details (rings, dress, shoes, jewelry/accessories, wedding invites, family heirlooms etc), Make up touches, pictures of bride and bridesmaid in their wedding day gowns, after or during this we let the bridal party get into their dresses while we head over to the groom and groomsmen. Much like the bridal party we capture similar details along with best man putting on blazer/attire, boutonniere, groomsmen portraits etc. We then head back to the bride and bridesmaid and try to capture the last bit of putting the dress on (usually the button or zip in the back of the dress as well as the veil). Depending on the timeline we either do bride & bridesmaids pictures/ family pictures or first look with the couple. Often times we also travel to the ceremony site if the prep location is different.

Est. Time needed 60 - 120 minutes ( roughly should start 2-3 hours prior to the ceremony)

Now let's say you did not book a photographer (me) for getting ready shots. Which again is totally okay! because now instead of starting in pjs and gowns, we now start in a beautiful dress, a smart suit/jacket or a rather beautiful cultural attire. You are not missing out on the details either, if the venue or religious institution is our first meeting place we make sure to quickly grab some of the detail shots and do some other shots to have a solid set of photos at the end of the day. Family and Wedding photos are typically taken after the ceremony in this case.


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