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Wedding Day Photo/Video Segments

1. Getting ready and Details: (1.5 - 2 hour - This time includes the couple getting ready as well)

Start of the day we arrive on the tail end of you finishing up your makeup. Alongside this we take pictures of your details:

- rings

- dress

- shoes

- Invite

- Jewelry

- Accessories

- Family Heirloom*

Same goes for the Groom

- RIng

- Suit/tie or Traditional Wear

- Getting ready I

- Shoes

- Watch & Accessories

So on and So Forth:

2. We then do the First Look: (15 min max)

3. Bridal Party/Family photos

Given timeline or if there is travel to destination we try and include either groups (Family or Bridal)

If not we proceed to the ceremony first.

4. Ceremony

5. Alternative Family/Bridal Party Group photos.

If this is the case, one should keep in mind setting time aside for romantics which would happen following this.

6. Romantics: (30 min Preferred during golden hour)

We do realize that it is sometimes just not possible to set aside 30 minutes on your wedding day especially right after the ceremony

However we try to even get you 15 minutes since It is a great time to get photos and videos.

7. Grand Entrance

8. First Dance

9. Typically dinner

10. Toasts

11. Bouquet/ Garter* Can be pushed during open dance

12. Parent Dance - Mother Son / Father Daughter *Could also happen after first dance/ Toasts

13. Open Dancing



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