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As a creative business, possibilities are endless. Here are our assumptions:

- We assume you are aware of your venue limitation as well as its natural beauty.
- We as
sume you are aware of the time of shooting: direct sun, high noon, golden hour.
- We assume we will be provided with all the information possible for your event, including planned surprises or surprise dances.
- We assume that priority is given to the flow of the day, while keeping the timeline in mind.
- We assume that things might take longer and to prioritize what you  (client) or wedding planner feels best.
- We assume that changes requested on videos may change the delivery date.
- We assume that pictures of the Bride & Groom have priority over any guest photos.

- We assume we will be fed :)))
- We assume that client is aware while making personal song choices that their final product may get affected due to copyright laws on social platforms.
-We assume that we would be told of any major changes to timeline prior to the wedding.




Thank you for Inquiring!

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