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Booking Guide

Hello! So you've decided to book us for your wedding day!

This guide walks you through and answer some of the questions you may have:

How do I Begin?

Firstly, We would like to Thank you for putting your Trust in us.

You can begin the booking process by filling out our contact form:

Through this form we get to know a little about you and your big day! This gives us an idea of the date which immediately helps us check our availability and provides other small but important bits of information.

Whats Next?

We stay active throughout the day and respond to our inquiries promptly. Upon receiving your contact form and checking our availability we soft reserve the date and time and contact you using your email. We are more than happy to hop on a zoom call or have you visit our studio for an in person meeting if that will be something you'd be interested in. After our first conversation, we establish hours and finalize the package for you and your wedding day.


After the details of the package are complete, we will then be sending you a contract which will include the agreements of the package and the promise of the deliverables. After you go through the contract and are satisfied you are required to sign and pay a deposit. After the payment of your deposit, your soft reserved date and time from earlier is now locked in.

Between the Contract and the Wedding Day

After the signing of the contract we stay in touch with you to remain on the same page as everybody else. Certain things such as connecting with your wedding coordinator for the timeline of the day and get in touch with other vendors to have a run down of the plan and position for the day. We take this time to grow on what you envisioned and finalize details on our end.

The Wedding Day

It's finally here, the day it all becomes real and true!


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