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UCIrvine Graduation Photography

Updated: Mar 3

Hello there! Congratulations! You've done it! YES YOU! I feel like the last question to ask you is "Soooo how was it?" Trust me I totally get it, getting through college is definitely not a vibe, but hey seems worth it now doesnt it?

Anyway, now you're done and it is time to take some Graduation Photos. You're probably like I really do not want to stress about this too, so here is this blog to help you. This blog is definitely focused on Graduation Photography at UCI (University of California, Irvine), and I will walk you through how I approach and shoot a Graduation Shoot at UC Irvine.

(I don't want to read the blog just show me the pricing already! PRICING)

Lets start from the beginning, where do I find a photographer in the first place? The UC Irvine Class of 20__ is a group page on Facebook which usually has over 10,000 people each year, on this site photographers usually will advertise their services.

How do I choose the right photographer:

Here are a few things to consider while booking/looking for a photographer:

- Availability: The months of April-July are hot for the photography industry, most photographers even take bookings in advanced, so if theres a photographer you like make sure to reach out them as early as you can.

- Affordability: After 4 years, you do not want another bank breaking service, entry level graduation photographers are priced around 100 or below, but i find an experienced, professional price around the 300 and above mark.

- Style: this brings me to the choice of photographer. To be honest, for most things in the world you will always find someone to provide a service for cheaper, its just the way the world works. For photography consider the following things, Quality of images and deliverables, Return time and volume. What I mean by this is, would you want your images to be taken in the style of the photographer, is the style something you resonate and is it something professional and worth.

Alright, now you know who or how to choose a photographer for your shoot. Now let me walk you through how I conduct a graduation shoot at UC Irvine.

Say you've booked with me and we have set up a time and date, we first meet in front of Langson Library to warm up:

The warm up session is time to break the ice, make you feel comfortable and practice the poses we will be doing throughout the shoot and talk about how and where we are going for the next 90 minutes or so.

After we've warmed up and gotten a little comfortable we move over to the iconic Red flower area. Fun fact, the flower itself is white the leaves of the flower are the ones that are red and look pretty. The flower area has 4 areas we cover and here is what I call them:

Cozy Corner, The poster image, The red backdrop and The Rabbit hole, dont ask me why all these just make sense in my head.

This covers editorial style photos, gives you the whole park in the background and with the Lighting I use I am able to capture beautiful portraits amidst the red flowers in Aldrich Park.

After this I make a quick stop right in front of the red flowers in Aldrich Park if the lighting is good the day of.

Next we move on to the iconic Big Tree at Alrdrich Park, you know exactly the one I am Talking about. Here is where I have a little studio setting going on because of the tree, we take both studio styled and fun casual photos:

Lets keep moving, we then go to this one bench around the halfway point in Aldrich park (great spot for your extra stolls, you show off ) toward the infinity fountain and we then proceed to the infinity fountain.

This brings me to the end of my set route, Now after this you takeover we can visit your graduating school : Henry Samueli School of Engineering, Donald Bren ICS, Biology, Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts, Paul Merage etc as well as we can visit Peter either at Student Center or the Bren Events Center.

Last but not the least we have MSTB and the Bridge at Humanities. Usually the last stop since its far so we usually drive there but here it is: ( Also a popular spot for your Champagne Popping photos)

Yea, well thats pretty much it!! Thank you for reading and i hope it helped! feel free to reach out to me through any platform for more details!

Thank you












$50 REQUIRED TO BOOK (Not additional, goes toward final Price)


I deliver all images from the shoot within 24 hours, after which you select your top 20-25 for me to edit. All edited images are delivered through an online gallery which is connected to a print shop available for purchase.


Booking and Availability:


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