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Engagement Shoot

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

To put it simply an Engagement shoot is a dedicated time for you and yours to celebrate and capture your beautiful love story. A typical 60-90 minutes session which includes both posed and artistic poses as well as candid and in the moment shots at the location of your choice.

Popular location for an Engagement session is usually a pretty park, the beach or a cute town/street! it could also be a place that means something to your relationship ( the target you bumped into each other ) or could simply just be a beautiful sight to see.

Now to ask Why should you book an Engagement shoot? Typically, I have seen that a couple books an engagement session for 3 reasons: Pictures are used for wedding formalities such as Wedding Announcements, Save the date, Album for guest books and even posters for the day of. Next reason is to simply celebrate, celebrate a milestone such as #JustGotEngaged or an anniversary! Lastly, people book an engagement shoot because its fun! A engagement shoot is a fun thing to do with your Partner! An hour or so of fun pictures and poses, great laughs and smiles.

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